Thursday, November 15, 2007

Calming my brain to paint

This morning I took a yoga class and it cleared my mind.
There is nothing like standing on your head to erase negative thoughts.
When I came home I set to work on making 12 new mini watercolor paintings.
Most are based on recent charcoal and conte drawings I have done.
I love creating these pieces because the focus is completely on
the creation of something artistic and beautiful rather than the
recording of what is in front of me. That work has already been
done during the life drawing sessions with the model. The model is no longer
in front of me and I do not work from photos. I reduce the drawing to
approximately 4x6". The miniature size makes all the details
appear intricate. The artwork then tells me what to do
and I have fun experimenting with colors and shapes,
In today's series I had fun scraping paint off the paper with my fingernails revealing the layer of paint underneath.