Friday, November 21, 2014

What are rub-ons?

When I planned this art journal class, How to make your own Rubons" I took it for granted that folks knew what they were. I don't know why I thought that since I only learned what they were a short time ago.

Rub-ons are very similar to the temporary tattoos and you can buy them in most scrap-booking stores. They were initially created for scrapbookers and then they were adopted by the mixed media community for adding layers to their artwork.

In this brief video, I share with you what rub-ons are, how they can enhance your mixed media projects and finally explain why you want to create your own rub-ons at home to save money and customize the look of your art.


Master Custom Rub-ons

Join me and 20 other art journal teachers in one awesome art journal adventure! Discover how you can create your own rub-ons to personalize the look of your art journal. Explore different methods for creating custom rub-ons which will save you money on store bought rub-ons and unleash your own personal sense of style. I will train you step by step so you can master my techniques and prepare rub-ons for your art journal or any mixed media project.

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Free online class and ebook when you join The Inspiration Place

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Amazing Woodland Animal Art
I work in a studio on the second floor of my suburban home and from my window I can spy on many of my neighbors. Now I am not talking about the human neighbors, but all the furry creatures that live in my backyard. In my wooded yard there are plenty of chipmunks that frustrate my cat, squirrels that give my cat exercise running around the yard and then nocturnal raccoons that hide under the drains in the street. 

I also love the happy little groundhogs that I see. I actually haven't seen one of those in my yard, but there was a pretty fat one waddling around the park the other day. Her name is Gertrude and she likes to munch on flowers.

The owls are harder to spot, but I can hear them hooting happily in the trees.

Thus, I decided to dedicate a whole series of watercolors to these "Woodland Creatures" and I have been rolling them out into my etsy shop. ( a few originals have already been adopted and are now living in other homes.) Would you like to take one of these creatures home with you?

Original Watercolor Painting of a Chipmunk, 9.5x6.5" for sale on etsy

This groundhog's name is Gertrude. I spotted her waddling in a field. She likes to snack on daisies and is friendly and good with children and other pets.

Love woodland creatures? This original watercolor painting pictures a serious raccoon. Animal art adds personality to your home whether you add this wall art to a kids room, your living room or anywhere you want a spot of color. 

This squirrel's name is Tilly. I spotted her stealing bulbs from my garden. She likes to snack on acorns and is quite shy. Keep her in an affordable ready made frame available at most craft stores. She will keep you company and make you smile every time she catches your eye. Would you like to take her home with you? ( apply for adoption here >)

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Monday, November 17, 2014

How to make your own Rub-ons! {and 20 other secrets}

Ever hear about the 21 SECRETS art journal workshop? Well, you can learn fun and inspiring approach to learning art journaling techniques and methods from me along with a team of 20 other diverse teachers in one class! {some of my favorite teachers on the list include Juliette Crane and Nat Kalbach}

Even if you don't keep an art journal, you can use these techniques in all your mixed media art projects!

For this class, you are going to learn HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM RUB-ONS!!!

That's right, you can make them yourself so this class will totally pay for itself since you will never have to buy another rub-on again.. ( but you know you will, lol) In addition to my class, you will learn from 20 other teachers and since it is a pdf ebook you don't have to worry about content expiring.
This is an online class and you will enjoy all the artsy fun goodness you have come to love about the Inspiration Place.  This downloadable eBook is packed with videos, full color photos, and loads of instruction that is all yours to keep and access any time you wish! 21 SECRETS Spring is a downloadable eBook packed with art journaling workshops that include videos, photos, and instructional content  and will be released in April –perfect timing to keep you inspired and your hands busy. I know I can't wait to see what the other teachers have prepared too.

Yeah, the spring sounds like a long way off, and I get it --- but you want to act now because they offer really HUGE discounts to the first 150 members that register with the Early Bird Sale that is starting today!  The earlier you sign up though, the bigger the deal!  So don’t wait! Last 21 SECRETS Early Bird Sale sold out in less than 48 hours!

The "pre-sale" price schedule will go as follows:

$69  for the first 150 buyers {I hope that's you}
$79  for the next 150
$89  for the next 150

$98 is regular price and it will go up to that when the $89 pre-sale runs out or April 1, 2015 -- whatever happens first.

If you sign up through this blog, I gain the affiliate fee for the sign up which would be lovely. In addition to the ebook, you also get a private facebook group where you can interact with all 21 Secrets teachers and thousands of artsy soul mates who love to craft just like you!
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Monday, November 10, 2014

A secret technique I am dying to share!

So- in my video tutorials and free online art journal class there is a technique that I have kept SECRET... how to make your own rub-ons.
Well, I will be sharing the secret soon in an online class and I wanted my dear blog readers to be the first to know.. if you are curious about how I make my own rub-ons, then you need to add your name to the Inspiration Place mailing list. Don't worry, I won't keep you in suspense too long. I will be making an announcement sometime soon...but you don't want to miss out, do you?

So- add your name to this VIP list so you are the very first to find out when the new class goes live and there will be an additional discount incentive for you as well! The earlier you sign up for this new class, the more you will save. So add your name and watch your emails carefully for a special announcement from me, Miriam Schulman via the Inspiration Place.
In the meanwhile, you can try out a FREE class at the Inspiration PLace!!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gratitude Giveaway

I have so much to be grateful for, but most of all I am grateful for all of you who follow me here and anywhere else. So, I decided to do a "Gratitude Giveaway"! Prize

One lucky winner will be chosen to win this silky cosmetic bag. This is a newly designed makeup bag that I am sure will sell out this holiday season. (there are only 15 in stock!) The bag has a waterproof nylon interior to protect your handbag from any cosmetic spills and a washable exterior. There is even a hidden zippered pocket for storing loose change or anything else you want to keep organized or handy. By the way, the purse organizer is large enough to fit your smart phone too which will help you find it in your handbag. This peacock bag retails for 22. but you can win one that I set aside just for you!

Entering is Easy

1) Add your email here so I can let you know if you won

2) Leave a comment here (or on facebook) about what you love about this peacock bag so that I know that you want it!

That's it! Winner will be chosen from the comments on November 14th and notified by email. (so be sure my email does not go to your spam folder) Oh, one last thing.. winner will receive instructions for ordering their free bag through my etsy shop and will pay a minimum first class shipping to your area. So this contest is open everywhere!


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Gift Ideas for the Hostess

With the holidays fast approaching, it won’t be long before the invitations start rolling in. Whether you’re hitting up a holiday party or spending the weekend at a friend’s home, show your appreciation with a thoughtful thank-you gift. These seasonal picks are sure to make any hostess happy. Plan ahead now, so you have one less to-do on your list!

 Top Five Gift Ideas for Hostesses

  1. Calendar: Whether your hostess is a super organizer or decorator at heart, she’ll love this 2015 wall calendar that will take her monthly family planning from ordinary to extraordinary.
  2. Cloth Napkins: Table linens are a fun way to thank your favorite hostess for all of the time and care she put into the soiree she’s throwing. What better way to say ‘thank you’ than to inspire her next dinner party? A set of 2 napkins or place mats is the perfect gift for the domestic goddess!
  3. Ornaments: Who doesn’t love another ornament to add to the tree? ‘Tis the season, after all. Each one of a kind ornament is a work of art and you kind find one from the traditional Christmas to a more secular art piece.
  4. Note Cards We all have that one friend who is a traditionalist at heart and never fails to send a handwritten thank-you. This set of six cards each has an inspirational message and blank on the inside making the note appropriate for any occasion.
  5. Apron: Whether she is a baker or a crafter, a pretty apron is a festive essential for entertaining in style.
Get your FREE printable place card for your holiday table!

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Finally, I invited my artsy friends to help curate a list of their favorite hostess gifts!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

FREE printable place cards for the Holiday Table

Make your holiday table special with themed place cards!

Entertaining is one of the most fun (and also a bit nerve-wracking) parts of the holidays. I love to pull out all of the stops this time of year. With that said, I thought I’d share with you a pretty place card design you can use for your next gathering whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or just want an autumnal themed table. all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and I will email you a pdf and instructions so you can print it from your home computer using either Avery or Staples paper. The paper is already perforated so it is easy to separate them and then the cards fold so you don't need to buy a fancy place card holder. By the way, if you are already subscribed to my newsletter (not this blog, that's different) you will be getting the free place card in an upcoming edition, so don't worry! Just make sure you are getting emails from me, Miriam Schulman. If you are not sure, you can sign up here.

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